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Meet your machine data challenge with Splunk

Machine data logs are hard to understand, are unstructured and not suitable for analysis. QOS Technology helps you in machine data visualization through Splunk platform.

Splunk Service Benefits

Splunk solutions offer most robust benefits to take security to the next level. Our team ensures that you get best out of Splunk with greater results and efficiency.

Real time processing

Data movement is the bottleneck today when it comes to machine data logging and analytics. Through Splunk, you can process this data in real time.

Injection from a variety of data inputs

Splunk is a big data platform that is capable of injecting and acquiring any kind of data – be it tiff, file, protocol transmitting data etc.

Creating knowledge objects

Splunk helps in predicting the resources needed for scaling up the infrastructure and in creating knowledge objects for the purpose of operational intelligence.

Alerts and notifications

Splunk can be configured so as to send you notifications or alerts at the onset of a machine state.

24*7 support services

You get the benefit of remote implementation services along with 24*7 support services even after Splunk configuration.

Our Splunk Professional Services

QOS does SIEM implementation, consulting and development for Splunk. We also help you get the best of Splunk by providing some standard services.

  • Enterprise Core
  • Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • Splunk Cloud
  • Deployment
  • Upgrades
  • Architecture Design

Enterprise Core Implementation

QOS Technology is the enterprise core partners with Splunk. We provide various solutions around Splunk that help in indexing the injected data into key value heads. One of our solutions under this is created for security analytics. When a firewall or antivirus will push the data towards Splunk, we have created security intelligence around that data.

Industry 4.0 Splunk Solutions

We have built a solution on Industrie 4.0 solution or smart manufacturing with Splunk. Industrial production often leads to some waste inevitably due to the process involved or some other reason. As a result, industries inject more censors in the form of IOPs into the production lines creating more data. The Industrie 4.0 Splunk solution helps in injecting the massive data along with security and analytics of that data. We provide both analytics as well as security solutions beyond Industrie 4.0.

Splunk CLoud Implementation

QOS Technology enhances and extends the power of Splunk Cloud by creating apps and add-ons on top of Splunk. This gives you a centralized visibility across cloud, hybrid and/or on-premises environments.

Splunk Deployment/Implementation Services

You may be a Splunk customer or may be planning to buy Splunk but you do not have the resources to deploy or install it correctly. With a strong team of Splunk experts, we help you install Splunk from a single instance on a server to multi-tiered instances. We will be your active partners in the entire implementation cycle collaborating with your in-house teams.

Splunk Upgrade Services

You may be an existing Splunk customer wary of upgrading to higher versions. We can help you in upgrading from 3.x to the latest 6.x versions. Our team of Splunk engineers and experts ensure that your upgrade is smooth and does not disrupt your business functions in any way.

Splunk Architecture Design Services

Often times customers install Splunk without realizing the expanding needs for the future. This is a common problem since not many businesses are able to forecast exact growth. Our Splunk consultants help you configure and design Splunk architecture in a way so as to meet your immediate needs while also preparing a structure for future growth.

Our Advantage

We provide Splunk solutions that our customers need not what we have built. We have a high density of certified resources with a clear focus on quality.

Focus on security, OT and IIoT integration

When it comes to Splunk solutions, we are harnessing Splunk with a focus on security related services and specific solutions related to OT and IIoT integration (Industrie 4.0). This gives us a sharp expertise in these solutions for customers looking for deep engagement.

Splunk-certified partners and trainers

We are certified partners of Splunk with a focus on analytics. You can rest assured of the quality of solutions. Our team has Splunk-certified engineers who can train your staff/team for future implementation needs.

Award winning solutions

We are the recipient of Innovation Award given by Splunk in the year 2015. That’s because we have created unique solutions around Splunk’s Enterprise Core and Industrie 4.0.

We have created our own apps

We have built a solution for Industrie 4.0 combining Splunk and CAPWARE OPC-UA. This gives us an edge over other players especially in helping the manufacturing industry.

Our Methodology

We adopt a organized approach for all Splunk Implementation services to ensure better results and efficiency.


We organize a meeting in order to define the scope of the Splunk software needs. We answer questions such as – How can we build SOC around Splunk? or How can you use Splunk your manufacturing? etc.  

Submission of LLD

We create a low-level design on the state of network as to how Splunk implementation would look like.


Submission of project plan

Once the LLD is submitted, we create a project plan and send it to you for approval. Some projects may have a pilot implementation first because they are large in scope.

We then get validation from you and come up with a mutually agreed upon checklist for implementation of Splunk solutions.

Support & Documentation

We observe the implementation closely. Based on our observations, we undertake a hand-over Splunk training for your organization. We then run an in-house tool to validate that the implementation is as per the desired standards.

We then submit the documentation that helps your organization stick to the implementation plan for better efficiency.


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