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Automate basic Security Operations 

Your firewalls often need changes and you need to create change requests from time to time. This takes time, people and resources. Check Point’s latest API release attempts to solve this problem and brings a lot of capabilities to the end-customer. You can configure/modify/delete any Check Point firewall settings using our Orchestration Tool built on Check Point’s API.

Product Benefits

Businesses can achieve 50% more accuracy in Firewall management if they use Check Point’s latest API R80. Through the Security Orchestration Portal, the changes in the Firewall can be made within minutes with Automation capability while also reducing the risk of human error.

Reduce human errors by 80%

By using our Security Orchestration Portal, you can reduce human errors by 80% achieving more business efficiency while saving resources.

Reduce human dependency by 60%

Through our Security Orchestration Portal, any skill level support staff will be able to make changes on Firewall like an expert. You get to save your top skills for more serious issues.

Reduction in similar rules by 90%

This tool will prevent the creation of duplicate rules. Fewer duplication results will increase overall performance of your gateways by 30%.

Save time by 90%

Since the tool prevents duplication of rules, the overall time required to make changes on Gateway is reduced from hours to a few minutes.

Better control

You do not need to look for scattered data for critical information. You can make changes on your Firewall/AV server/URL Filtering devices right from the Orchestration portal.

Product Features

Through the Security Orchestration Portal, the changes in the Firewall can be made within minutes with Automation capability while also reducing the risk of human error.

  • Rule Creation
  • Rule Optimization
  • Object Creation
  • Authentication
  • Additional
  • Installation

Rule Creation Features

  • IP Based.
  • User-based rules.
  • Application and URL Rules.

Rule Optimization Features

  • Will not allow duplicate rules to be created.
  • Provides option to merge similar rules.

Object Creation/Deletion

  • User creation
  • Network object creation (Host/Network/Range).

Authentication Features

  • LDAP Authentication supported.
  • Role-based login.

Additional Features

  • Audit features (query Tickets/users/IP address)
  • Bulk upload. Block/Allow multiple IP addresses in a single action.
  • Find and delete duplicate objects.
  • Auto backup of the local database.

Installation Specification

  • Server is required from Customer: We will share them VM image.
  • Secured by VAPT team of QOS Purple Team.

VM consist of following applications.

  • PHP: Version 7.0 or higher
  • OS: Linux Centos or Linux RedHat (Updated)
  • MySQL: Version 5.6.36 or higher
  • RAM: 16GB (Minimum 8GB)
  • Hard Disk: 1TB (Minimum 500GB)
  • Laravel Framework: Latest Version (Will be installed by QOS)

Powerful Platform

Experience feature-rich dashboard packed with powerful features to automate your daily security operations.

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