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Leverage from the entire spectrum of Checkpoint

QOS Technology covers the entire spectrum of Checkpoint services to help you at every stage of the security cycle.


Check Point is respected worldwide for its robust security solutions. We help enhance them for you.

Entire spectrum of Checkpoint

QOS Technology covers the entire spectrum of Checkpoint services. We take care of all your requirements in the security cycle.

Wide exposure

We have delivered Checkpoint solutions to a diverse set of industries – from government enterprises to defence departments and from small and medium businesses to large corporations. You leverage from our deep understanding of the security needs of these industries.

24*7 support services

You get the benefit of remote implementation services along with 24*7 support services even after implementation.

Our Check Point Implementation Services

We provide Checkpoint services in all the five categories as we have project references in all of these.

  • Network Security
  • Endoint
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Mobile

Network Security Solutions

We provide a wide range of network security services on Checkpoint. We have delivered more than 60 large network security projects in India and the Asia Pacific for banks, telecom companies, large enterprises, central and state governments, stock exchanges, insurance companies, and technology companies. From Firewalls to network access controls or current solutions like app-based security and anti-ransomware security – our network security bucket contains everything.

Endpoint Security

We have a diverse experience in deploying Sandglass agent and have delivered infrastructure projects starting from 50 users up to 10,000 users. We have also delivered a dozen large end-point security projects for various industries.

Private Cloud (SDN or NFV)

 There are three security solutions available for private clouds – Open stack, CISCO ACI and VMware solutions (NSX). They come with their own private cloud architecture and thus require network security provided by Checkpoint. Our company has a rare in-house competency in all the three private clouds.

Public Cloud Deployment

Checkpoint solution for public cloud deployment is called CloudGuard which has two variants: IAAS (infrastructure variant) and SAAS (software variant). If you are using MS Azure or Alibaba or AWS public clouds, we will help you implement CloudGuard IAAS by Checkpoint. On the other hand, if you are using an SAAS, Checkpoint offers CloudGuard SAAS. We help you implement CloudGuard SAAS for Office 365, Google Sheets and Facebook At Work.  

Mobile Security Solutions

We provide Mobile threat protection services for Android and iOS devices. We have an extensive experience of implementation of checkpoint MTP services on 1500 devices.

Our Advantage

We provide Checkpoint solutions that our customers need not what we have built. We have a high density of certified resources with a clear focus on quality.

4 Star Check Point Partner

While working with us, you can rest assured of the quality because you are working with 4-star partners for Checkpoint.

AI Based Approach

We have created our own AI-based intellectual property framework for smooth Check Point implementation.

Largest Pool of Check Point Services

You have access to the largest pool of Checkpoint services in one company. We are self-sufficient in providing these services from L1 to L4 levels.

Award Winning Check Point Partner

Check Point has recognized us 3 times best APAC partner for our quality Check Point solutions and products.

Certified Check Point Engineers

We have a strong team of certified engineers to ensure smooth implementation with greater efficiency.

Our Implementation Approach

Your company may require a specified sets of Check Point solutions in need of implementation. We never try to sell you what's available but only what's needed for your enterprise.


We organize a meeting in order to define the scope of the Checkpoint service implementation based on the size and scope of your requirement.

Submission of LLD

We create a low-level design on the state of network as to how it would look like.

Submission of Project Plan

Once the LLD is submitted, we create a project plan and send it to you for approval. Some projects may have a pilot implementation first because they are large in scope.

We then get validation from you and come up with a mutually agreed upon checklist for implementation.


We observe the implementation closely. Based on our observations, we undertake a hand-over training for your organization. We then run an in-house tool to validate that the implementation is as per the desired standards.

Post-Implementation Support

Depending upon the project scope, we also provide post-implementation support to ensure better results and dent any irregularity.

We also submit the documentation that helps your organization stick to the implementation plan for better efficiency.

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