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Analyze Check Point logs with our Award-winning app

Aiding security administrators to quickly analyze CheckPoint Logs with an ability to analyze multiple Check Point blades. It’s fast, reliable & more accurate.

Top Product Benefits

Leverage world-class analytics from an industry leader that offers the best for your industry.

Better analysis of Check Point logs

Get quality insights of logs to better manage your security posture

Traffic Analysis

You can also analyse traffic to find out abnormal traffic patterns

Performance management

Find out firewall action trends and top used rules to better manage your gateway performance

Multiple blade analysis

You can analyse logs from multiple blades of Check Point, including Firewall, IPS, etc.

Threat Analysis

Identify machines that are trying to scan your network either from internal or external network.

Application Features

Our feature-rich application is ready to analyse multiple blades of Check Point to provide you quality insights for better management of your gateways.

  • Firewall Blade
  • Application Control
  • IPS
  • Alerts
  • Malware

Analyse Firewall blade logs

This app provides you the following analysis about Check Point firewall blade:

  • List of the top source, destination, and services.
  • Top accessed rules on your firewall policy.
  • Top utilized interfaces of your firewall gateways.
  • Identify internal or external port scanners.

Application Control & URL Filtering Blade

This app provides you the following analysis about Application Control & URL Filtering blade:

  • A list of local IP Addresses that attempts to gain access on high-risk websites/ servers.
  • A world map showing the location of all high-risk websites.
  • A list of safe local/ internal IP Addresses approved by the app and URL Filtering blade of Check Point.

IPS blade log analysis

This app provides IPS analysis on the following:

  • Count of strikes blocked by Check Point IPS (depending on the time it was made).
  • Count of strikes discovered by Check Point IPS (depending on the time it was made).
  • List of top IPS strikes.
  • List of top detected protections based on its count (according to the Check Point IPS logs).

Receive Alerts

This app provides the following alerts:

  • Most recent event and alert raw data received by Checkpoint
  • List of IP addresses which inspected your personal network from the Internet
  • List of local IP addresses discovered undergoing a port scan

Malware analysis

This app provides following insights about malware:

  • You can find the most infected machines in your network.
  • List the C&C servers your local machines are trying to connect.
  • Top Malware in your network.
  • How many malwares are successfully blocked by Checkpoint Gateway?

Feature-rich Application

Check Point Analytics app powered by Splunk platform offers you multiple and unique features to safeguard and better manage your gateway.

Product Advantage

Check Point analytics app is an award-winning and top rated Splunk application with over 1500 downloads.

Award-winning application

Check Point analytics app has received the Developers Award from Splunk

Quick support

Our team is always ready to address issues and note feedbacks for better release

1500+ downloads

More than 1500 clients all over the world have trusted our app to analyse their logs

Highest rated application

On Splunkbase, Check Point Analytics app is a top rated application

Splunk Appinspect Passed

Our app has passed Splunk test to assess validity and security of our package and components.

Ready to Download?

You can visit Splunkbase to download the latest version of our Application. For more information, request for a quick demo.

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