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Scaling Security of India’s Most Critical Govt. Organization

Industry: Stock Exchange
Solution: Implementation

Find out how India’s critical govt. Organization trusted our Team to Optimize their Performance.

The client is an India’s leading stock exchange having more than $1.41 trillion USD in total market capitalization, making it the one of the world’s largest stock exchange. Their stock index is used extensively by Indian investors and global markets as a barometer of the Indian capital markets.


Performance and Latency

The technology necessary to implement the new tax posed a significant challenge to the Client. They needed something that would build an enterprise grade Open and Seamless IT architecture that would be both scalable and reliable without compromising security or speed.

Each layer of the solution needed to include multi-vendor connectivity through multiple Check Point devices. These devices would perform a range of tasks, including acting as perimeter gateways with AV, AB, HTTPS, and IPS. The technology would have a dedicated set of SandBlast appliances for the emulation of thousands of daily file uploads. The framework for the IT solution needed to take all of these aspects into account and incorporate them into a seamless solution.

While there were solutions that would provide all of these requirements, they were expected to slow performance. Any solution that would improve performance could not compromise security. As expected, the initial test to complete a packet life cycle across the solution set up by the client took nearly a full minute (between 50 and 60 seconds). The desired rate was in milliseconds, and it needed to be achieved before the rollout across India.


Performance Optimization

The development of the client’s architecture included regular performance testing using a wide range of tools. The tools were meant to simulate the expected traffic flows so that analysts could monitor any noticeable lags at each level. QOS assisted the team during the analysis of potential bottlenecks.

Using common capturing techniques such as tcpdump and fwmonitor, QOS and the client’s team were able to analyze traffic with Wireshark. Wireshark provided extensive analysis on how much time was required for a packet to move across the Check Point Gateways. The detailed analysis exposed a number of possible bottlenecks so that they could be addressed before the official release. Performance optimization was completed on the Check Point Gateways where possible. The CoreXL fine tuning was largely untouched to gain the maximum performance.


Improved Efficiency

Following the identification of potential bottlenecks and optimization of those points, performance tests were repeated. The results showed that the target traffic rate in milliseconds was accomplished. Upon rollout, customers experienced the optimized rate. Six months following the rollout, the solution has almost 80,000 concurrent connections on a daily basis, and during peak hours, traffic is two to three times higher without the reduction in performance.

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