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Seamless Upgradation for India’s Most Prominent Stock Exchange

Industry: Stock Exchange
Solution: Upgradation


The client is an India’s leading stock exchange having more than $1.41 trillion USD in total market capitalization , making it the one of the world’s largest stock exchange. Their stock index is used extensively by Indian investors and global markets as a barometer of the Indian capital markets.


Renewal of Out of Life Business Critical Devices

One of the reasons for the client’s success and reputation is it’s adoption of modern and robust technology to drive its daily operations, making it a pioneer in testing and implementing best technologies. Through a thriving culture of innovation and investment in technology, they are able to ensure the reliability and performance of their systems.

As the client bases its success on innovation and technology, devices need to be replaced before they reach the end of their life cycle. In their various data and disaster recovery centers, a variety of business critical devices were reaching the end of their usefulness, meaning that they needed reliable replacements quickly. All of the management servers required updates to the latest versions.

One of the greatest challenges wasn’t about the volume; it was part of the guaranteed policy. According to the client’s customer policy, all changes to the infrastructure would be done during a mock drill that occurred on the first Saturday of every month. That meant that the solution had to be ready to move based on a timeline set by the customer policy.

Another issue was that customers were wary of allowing others to handle their devices. This played a significant role in determining how to apply the right solution.


Comprehensive Planning and Confidence Build up with Customers

The project heads held a series of meetings with QOS Technology to discuss the proposed Action Plan and its implementation. It was agreed that the client’s project head would be present during both phases of the plan to help build customer confidence.

Beginning with the management of server upgrades, QOS implemented the first phase of the plan. Working with the different limitations of four servers, the team was able to successfully complete the server upgrades on time and without any problems. This upgrade allowed the team to better understand the system and built confidence with the client that the plan could be successful.

The next phase of the plan required the migration of two business critical clusters during a single mock drill. It was the first time such a critical migration had occurred on the client systems. The team worked to provide a smooth migration without adversely affecting users. While working through the migration tasks, the team also ensured that the system had a minimal amount of downtime; the system was not down for more than two minutes over the course of the migration.


Total Customer Confidence and a Smooth Project Completion

Having demonstrated their knowledge and expertise, the QOS team built up the necessary customer confidence to complete the tasks at other locations. Following the completion of the project, QOS has continued to provide support for other issues, acting as the first point of contact for all Check Point questions and concerns. The upgrades and migrations were completed successfully, and the client has been able to continue to offer the kinds of innovation and reliability that their customers are accustomed to having.

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