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Hunt or be hunted. Our pen test strengthens your defenses.

Our Penetration Testing gives you a proactive Purple Team approach towards a robust security infrastructure.


Our penetration testing offers a number of advantages for you to leverage from. Our pen tests are tested across all environments.

Be attack-ready all the time

Make your organization a strong fortress by reducing information security risks and be ready for the fiercest cyber attacks.

Enhance your cyber-defence capability

The feedback from the test will give you actionable insights for enhancing your cyber-defence capability.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure that there is absolutely no disruption in network availability, communication and access to resources.

Know hidden and real risks

Detect hidden weaknesses in your system, network architecture or application configurations. Visualize what an attacker could do in real world and prepare a strong defence.

Get legal security certifications

It may be the standard ISO 27001 or PCI regulations, get pen tests that qualify your business for security certifications.

Our services

No cyber security mechanism is robust unless it has been tested against a potential attack. Our penetration tests help you exploit vulnerabilities to make your cyber defenses unbreakable.

  • Web Application
  • Mobile Security
  • Network
  • Wireless Network
  • Social Engineering

Web Application Tests

We believe that your website is your identity as well as your fortress. Our Web Application Tests focus on your web app, browsers and their components such as ActiveX, Applets, Plug-ins and Scriptlets. Our pen test is meticulously planned to ensure that we examine the end points of each of your web apps that your users might have to interact on a regular basis. We identify vulnerabilities including SQL injection and cross-site scripting issues. We conduct Firewall configuration review and host configuration reviews in order to bolster your cyber defense. Our CREST-certified pen testers detect any flaws in your application logic and session management flows.

Mobile App Security Testing

As smartphone usage surpasses the time spent on TV or laptop, mobile malware incidents also multiply. Smartphones give customers convenience and ever-present access. We believe that a robust mobile application security should be part of mobile application norms. We follow the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standards for mobile application testing.  Our in-depth assessments are based on latest application development frameworks and security testing tools.

Network Penetration Testing

Network service test is a wide range of penetration testing that you need in order to discover vulnerabilities and gaps in your network infrastructure. Since your network can be accessed from both internal and external access points, we recommend running tests locally at your site and remotely from our end. Our pen tests also cover a set of software modules such as network databases like MYSQL/SQL server; SSH client/server test; FTP client/server test; exchange or SMTP mail servers. As a result, we are able to evaluate if your data or other assets can be compromised. We then classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities and give you actionable recommendations to mitigate risks.

Wireless Network Testing

Your business premises and branches may have deployed several wireless devices such as tablets, laptops, notebooks, iPods and smartphones. These wireless devices contain valuable data that needs protection. Enterprises may be dealing with day-to-day consumer data that’s being accessed or used through these devices. As part of our wireless testing, we prepare tests for the protocols used for configuring wireless. We thoroughly test all the access points for the wireless setup that helps us identify those that may be violating the access rights.

Social Engineering Test

Apart from cyber attacks, your organization needs protection against trickery and spurious techniques that may compromise on your confidential information. You can control machines and protect applications but not a human mind. We aim at fortressing those areas that require human intervention in dealing with classified information. We design a wide range of vishing and phishing attacks that detect spurious phones calls or email messages that may trick your employees into sharing confidential information.

Our Advantage

We believe in the Purple Team approach of advanced penetration testing that goes beyond just network scanning or vulnerability assessment. We combine the attacking force (Red Team) with that of the defending force (The Blue Team) in order to strengthen your defence mechanisms.

We understand data routes

Our Purple Team understands subnets and Active directory. We know all the routes that data can travel and every place where it can be stored. This is why we can give you the best pen test for your cyber defences.

Methodical approach

While we know every possible tool available for pen test, we know tools are fallible. We can customize as per changing circumstances and data environment. Our Purple Team approach is a methodical process that helps us create all the possible combinations as we go.

Certified engineers

Our team is a mix of certified hackers and authorized security experts possessing multiple certifications and are adroit at various security technologies .

Passion for information security

Most of our people come from networking or development backgrounds. We have a strong passion for information security that gets translated in our pen testing services. The Purple Team combines the best of Red Team and Blue Team experts.

Actionable reports

We make it a goal to ensure that your business gets a strong defence against any kind of information or security threat. For this, we have support services and feedback reports that equip you with actionable insights for future.

Our Methodology

We advocate a certain process of pen testing services because only then does it create a scope for efficient customization.


We study the target deeply and meticulously. We will carefully analyze your organization and its responsiveness to the unexpected and gather needed information from all possible sources.


We then proceed to scan your website or system or network infrastructure for any vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


By now, we are ready to develop the strategy for the attack (pen test). Now we have enough information to decide which tools and techniques to use to best hit the system.


This is the time of the attack or pen test itself. Using the tools or techniques identified in the previous step, we now proceed to exploit the vulnerability to break into the organisation.

Reporting and de-briefing

This is the last stage of pen testing that happens after the attack. We prepare a manually written report that contains recommendations and actionable insights for future protection.

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