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Our Story

We are Quality of Solutions (QOS) because quality for us is the usual modus operandi. We are aware that organizations trust our potential and we are committed to make the most of what we have got.

“We are able to deliver the quality that we promise because we value our team and its contribution. We have a mission of making cyber security and analytics the most sought-after service across all industries.”

Ramandeep Singh, CEO

The year is 2012. Four professionals with rich experience in the field of cyber security and architecture come together with a strong desire to bring quality in cyber security services. Having worked as engineers and consultants in companies such as Wipro, Nokia, HCL, Checkpoint, Microsoft and HP, the founders combine their 18-20 years of experience to create a company now trusted by reputed banks, governments, enterprises, and large corporations.

QOS Technology started its operation in January 2012. The company is now a 70-member team that knows how to harness the best of its ability in the field of cyber security and analytics. It is our heart’s desire that our people learn to realize and use the best of their capabilities. We award our employees for their contribution to the company’s success as well as for their own skill upgradation. QOS values people above all.

Our Values

QOS Technology is a practicing value-based company that measures success by the standards of ethics.

Quality and people above all

We are committed to quality and have created extensive channels and processes to ensure that this value is inculcated at all levels. Next to that, we value our people and invest in their growth actively.

Customers first

We have an extremely customer-centric approach to our solutions. We offer our customers what they need, not what we have built.


The fact that we have possibly the largest pool of certified engineers goes on to show our commitment towards authenticity. We have a culture of personal accountability and task ownership.

Collective growth

We invest a lot on training our resources as well as those of our clients. This is because we believe that if people around us grow, everyone in the ecosystem benefits.

Long-term approach

Our organization works hard towards ensuring that long-term goals are achieved and that solutions are always evolving. Short-term fixes are not for us.

Our Team By Numbers

We believe in training people to be vigilant and to pursue customer satisfaction and trust. This is reflected in the results that we have achieved so far.

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We have a high density of certified engineers and a pool of people who are committed towards quality and long-term relationships.

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