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CheckPoint Training Courses

Check Point is a worldwide leader in end-to-end network security solutions. Get ready to master the technology which secures the internet for all Fortune and Global 100 Companies. We offer high level security training specialized in Industry's leading Networking Security Products, Information & Data Security and Security Management Systems.

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  • CCSA

  • CCSE

  • MDSM-VSX-1

CCSA - R77 (Check Point Certified Security Administrator)

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and skills essential for configuring the Check Point Security Gateway and Security Policies, as well as managing and monitoring secured networks.

What Should I Expect from This Course?

  • Knowledge and expertise crucial for obtaining CCSA Certification
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring Check Point Firewall from scratch
  • Expertise in configuring NAT, Identity Awareness and VPN features on Checkpoint
  • Proficiency in handling and managing Check Point products
  • Skills in troubleshooting on Check Point Firewalls
  • Overall skills development that will eventually enhance career prospects.

CCSE - R77 (Check Point Certified Security Expert)

This course aims to enhance your skills and knowledge in building, modifying, deploying and troubleshooting Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system. It includes practical lab exercises that will teach you how to debug firewall processes, optimize VPN performance and upgrade management servers.

What Should I Expect from This Course?

  • Knowledge and expertise crucial for obtaining CCSE Certification
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring Check Point Firewall from scratch
  • Skills in performing advanced troubleshooting on Check Point firewalls using fw monitor, CPinfo and IKEViewer tool
  • Expertise in configuring Management and Gateway High Availability
  • Capability to perform Indepth VPN troubleshooting
  • Skills necessary for configuring Smart Event and Smart Reporting tools
  • Proficiency in integrating LDAP users for remote access VPN


This advanced course aims to hone your knowledge and skills in designing, installing, configuring and managing Multi-Domain Security Management with Virtual System Extension.

What Should I Expect from This Course?

  • Expertise in designing and installing large-scale VSX set-up
  • Experience and knowledge in designing and configuring Provider-1 to Manager VSX virtual firewalls
  • The ability to manage your virtual and physical security gateways from central location
  • Knowledge necessary for deploying Provider-1 and VSX-1 at large scale Datacentre
  • • The proficiency needed to perform advanced troubleshooting on VSX-1 setup
  • Overall skills development that will eventually enhance career prospects
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We offer highly advanced security trainings that specialize in the market’s leading network security products,
information and data security and security management systems.

Varun Kumar Arora

Varun Kumar Arora

Co-Founder & Head Professional Services - QOS Technology

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Ashok Kumar Sharma

Co-Founder & CTO - QOS Technology

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