How will you benefit?

Traditional defense tools are no longer sufficient to protect your digital infrastructure from the menace of APT attacks.

This newsletter outlines key frameworks, architecture & other resources which can help to build up a secure environment.

Advanced Threat Defense Styles
from Gartner

This newsletter features best defense frameworks from Gartner which can help you select and deploy the most-effective threat defense technologies and identify complementary solutions for secured environment.
Next Generation Security

If you want to stay one step ahead of adversaries, Use Check Point’s proprietary Architecture to monitor/detect real time attacks
Advanced Attack
Simulation Services

Protecting the “Crown Jewels” is paramount to every organization. Is your defense strong to withstand the attacks?Well, our simulation service will help you to find out.

The damages caused by APTs are hardly translated into figures, which makes it harder for organizations to understand how serious the APT attacks are. Organizations only take into account the financial consequences but fail to consider the cost of diminishing brand value attributed to such attacks. So, it's paramount to every organization to build up a secure infrastructure to avoid losses. Implementing the right framework and architecture supported by robust solutions will ensure a secure environment. This guide outlines every necessary resource which can help you in building up a secure environment.

Ramandeep Singh Walia

CEO, QOS Technology