Check Point Appliance Performance Analysis

Service Overview: Being one of the leading partners of Check Point Software Technologies Inc., QOS Technology’s team is mainly comprised of the best Check Point Certified professionals. With 80 years of experience on Check Point Software Technologies, QOS Technology keeps its appliance performance analysis services portfolio up-to-date for medium to large-sized Check Point customers across the globe.

Service Approach: Our service engagement is crafted for all medium to large-sized Check Point customers who have multiple security gateways that were bought at intervals for either appliance or software engine use on open servers. One of the main objectives of this service is to draw a heat map of these devices on the basis of existing performance, along with planning their capacity.

A) Gather Information

1. The QOS Performance Consulting Team collects information on all the centralized management instances of Check Point at customer site(s).
2. Then, the gateways are plotted against the criticality level (High, Medium, Low) of the business impact in the event of unavailability.
3. Afterwards, the team studies and understands the security posture enhancement plan (viz., plan for enabling more blades, etc.).

B) Assess

1. The assessment starts by the collection of logs, configuration files and audit trails from each of the gateway by the use of 1 Check Point tool and 2 QOS-owned tools.
2. Secondly, the real time information of each of the appliance system configuration is collected by using 1 Check Point tool and 2 QOS-owned tools.
3. With the use of QOS homegrown tool specifically for data extraction, our engineers will extract key information & insights from the collected data samples.


C) Report

1. By the use of QOS Homegrown tool, a heat map of all the appliances (including the open servers) is plotted with the Performance Analysis & Capacity.
2. Then, a report that includes all the observations, heat map and recommendations is submitted.

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