Anti-DDOS Solution Consulting Services

Service Overview: QOS Technology, in partnership with a security services & research expert who has been in the field for 30 years, offers Anti-DDOS Solution Consulting Services. In the past few years, the DDOS and DRDOS (Distributed Redirection based Denial of Service Attacks) has been a consistent phenomenon that continued to threaten organizations. In response to this, we have developed an Anti-DDOS Solution Consulting Services for organizations that are vulnerable to DDOS attacks. These organizations include financial institutes, online retail businesses and Internet service providers.

Our consultants study the existing DDOS mitigation controls.

A complete analyzation of the standard operating procedures on DDOS mitigation follows.

Third, DDOS Simulation with 7-8 use cases for verification of controls is performed.


Fourth, an assessment on simulation observations is executed, along with the impact of Reflex DDOS.

Finally, a DDOS Mitigation Enhancements Plan, together with recommendations, is submitted.

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