It's time to protect your critical infrastructure, sensitive data &
comply with RBI's strict regulations.

Our Solutions can help you to gain customer confidence and trust, and assist you in securing every end.

For adequate Cyber Security Preparedness

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DDoS Simulation Service

In partnership with a well-respected company that offers research and security services for the last 3 decades, QOS Technology is geared towards uplifting the welfare of its clients by offering top-of-the-line DDOS and DRDOS simulation services.

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SOC Consultation

Organizations with enterprise security operations center (SOC) are in better position to defend every possible threat when equipped with better strategy. Our experts can help you to assess & refine existing strategies to design and build SOC for better threat management.

Advanced Penetration Testing

Are you struggling to detect financial intrusions? Our APT Services can help your security team to stay focused and identify every possible attack before it can compromise your digital infrastructure. From prediction to eradication – We have got everything covered.

Reverse Malware Engineering

Understanding Malware's Capabilities could have been a challenge, but not anymore. Leverage QOS's Reverse Malware Engineering Practice to make your enterprise resilient.

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Cyber Security Incident Reporting

Even the best information security infrastructure cannot guarantee that intrusions or other malicious acts will not happen. When security incidents occur, it will be critical for an organization to have an effective way to respond. Our Services & Products can help you to recognize, analyze, and respond to such incidents to limit the damage and lower the cost of recovery.

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How QOS can help you to adhere to RBI's guidelines?

Our Solutions along with our decades of experince can only deliver the best.

110+ years of extensive experience in the Security Industry

Our team is comprised of R&D professionals from Check Point Software Technologies

Certified SANS GREM Malware Analysts to take care of Reverse Malware Engineering

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The awards and recognitions we received greatly uplift our spirit as they serve as our driving force to provide you only the best Services

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