Application Control & URL Filtering



This app provides you the following analysis about firewall blade:
  • The list of the top 10 sources and destination of IP addresses
  • The list of top 10 services
  • The list of top interfaces
  • The list of top 10 blocked TCP/UDP ports
  • A world map showing all countries where all internal users are connecting
This app provides analysis about Application Control & URL Filtering blade on the following:
  • A list of local IP Addresses that attempts to gain access on high risk websites/ servers.
  • A world map showing the location of all high risk websites.
  • A list of safe local/ internal IP Addresses approved by the app and URL Filtering blade of Check Point.
This app provides IPS analysis on the following:
  • Count of strikes blocked by Check Point IPS (depending on the time it was made).
  • Count of strikes discovered by Check Point IPS (depending on the time it was made).
  • List of top IPS strikes.
  • List of top detected protections based on its count (according to the Check Point IPS logs).
This app provides alerts on the following:
  • Most recent event and alert raw data received by Checkpoint
  • List of IP addresses which inspected your personal network from the Internet
  • List of local IP addresses discovered undergoing a port scan

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