The activity is successfully conducted by
dividing the workforce into 3 teams.

Team Red

The Red Team is an attack team that is comprised of consultants with about 5-10 years of experience on DDOS research & simulation, in partnership with an organization who has 30 years of experience on security services. The Red team is engaged in researching, creating and executing the actual attack scenarios.

Team Blue

The Blue Team, who is in charge of liaising between the Red Team and the client’s team, consists of a security consultant from either the QOS team or our company’s expert partner.

Team White

The White Team primarily constitutes the security operations teams that play a crucial role during the actual simulation phase.

Our Service Approach

A single DDOS simulation engagement takes approximately 3 weeks.
There are 3 stages in every engagement.


1. The Blue Team collects all vital data from the websites of their respective clients. The assessment on these data is crucial for DDOS mitigation.
2. The Red Team carries out the research related on their client’s specific data for about 8 to 10 days in preparation for 8 to 9 attack scenarios.
3. The Red Team completes a Scenario Run Book to fix the date & time window (which usually takes about 6 hours) for the actual simulation.


1. The Red Team runs around 6 Attack Scenarios, with the combination of Flood & Application Layer DDOS Attacks.
2. The Blue Team works on-site and coordinates with the client’s teams in order to successfully conduct each test scenario in partnership with the Red Team.
3. The White Team monitors the security controls and procedures. They are also responsible for recording the mitigation capability. It is equipped with a red button that enables them to stop any attack scenario.


1. The Blue Team, in cooperation with the White Team, collects all observations during the simulation phase and communicates it to the Red Team.
2. The Red Team prepares a report based on the recordings provided by the Blue Team for about 4 to 5 days.
3. A 60 to 90-minute report on the observations and recommendations is presented to the client over Webex.

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