Security Architecture Consulting

The digital age offers endless opportunities to every business. With networks like Cloud incessantly expanding to make room for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other variants, the Internet is now becoming a platform for change. But along with this continuous development is the emergence of threats to security networks. Our QOS consultants recognize the need to adapt to change by cultivating services that meet the needs of our customers. They are experts in redesigning the network security architecture for data centers of banks, telecoms and Cloud service providers, governments, ITES and e-Commerce companies.

To guarantee excellence, we provide you services by this step-by-step approach:

A) Study

1. A QOS consultant initially facilitates thorough research by interviewing representatives from your business’ security, network and applications teams.
2. Secondly, information on the existing security, network, & applications data flow architectures is gathered.

3. Then, our consultant carefully assesses the flow of information exchange between the organization and external agencies that include your company’s partners, customers, service providers and the likes.

B) Characterize

1. Our consultants characterize the IT Risk & Attack Vectors in line with the respective industry of our clients.
2. Secondly, the IT Risk & Attack Vectors of the industry are correlated with the existing security posture of the customer network and the security & applications architecture.
3. Afterwards, a Business Channels’ Expansion Plan for the next 18-24 months is incorporated while our consultants extrapolate security posture understanding.


C) Report

1. Our consultants prepare gap analysis statement along with recommendations.
2. Next, executive & detailed reports covering gap analysis & recommendations along with the Proposed Network Security Architecture & Solution(s) are provided.
3. Lastly, the final report is presented to the stakeholders.

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