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Online Training - Topics and Lab Exercises

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Day 1

1. Introduction to advanced troubleshooting
2. Checkpoint Kernel Architecture.
3. Kernel debug
4. User Space Vs Kernel Space

Day 2

1. fw monitor: Hands on lab exercises with fw monitor command.
2. Tcpdump: Hands on lab exercises with tcpdump command.
3. VPN debug: All about ike.elg, vpnd.elg and ikeview.exe tool.
4. ClusterXL debug.
5. SecureXL and CoreXL
6. Performance related tools and commands.

Lab Exercises

1. Running kernel debug command to understand NAT related issues.
2. Use of kernel debug to find issues related to licensing.
3. Use of fw monitor command to dig deeper inside the packet flow between client and Server.
4. Kernel debug IPsec VPN related issues.
5. Corelate VPN debug output with IKEviewer tool.
6. Important tcpdump commands to troubleshoot issues.
7. Exploring SecureXL and CoreXL under the hood.

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