CCSE – R77 (Check Point Certified Security Expert)

This course aims to enhance your skills and knowledge in building, modifying, deploying and troubleshooting Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system. It includes practical lab exercises that will teach you how to debug firewall processes, optimize VPN performance and upgrade management servers.

What Should I Expect from This Course?

  • Knowledge and expertise crucial for obtaining CCSE Certification
  • Knowledge in installing and configuring Check Point Firewall from scratch
  • Skills in performing advanced troubleshooting on Check Point firewalls using fw monitor, CPinfo and IKEViewer tool
  • Expertise in configuring Management and Gateway High Availability
  • Capability to perform Indepth VPN troubleshooting
  • Skills necessary for configuring Smart Event and Smart Reporting tools
  • Proficiency in integrating LDAP users for remote access VPN

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