Service Overview

The main goal of this service is to provide one-time assessment on the ability of IT-enabled businesses to mitigate APT or assess their risk posture. The service is conducted by dividing the workforce into 2 teams—the consulting team and the advance penetration team. The consulting team is comprised of a security consultant from QOS who liaises with customer team(s) for 2-3 days to be able to identify the crown jewels of the IT infrastructure that supports the most critical and high-indexed business functions. Once the crown jewels are identified, the list is handed over to the advance penetration team—an attack team that is made up of consultants who have 5-10 years of extensive experience on Advance Penetration Testing, Research & Simulation. The task is conducted in partnership with an organization with 30 years of experience on security services. The Advance Penetration Testing team is responsible for researching, as well as creating & executing the actual attack scenarios by using custom phishing attacks, Trojans, Malware and the likes.

Our Service Approach

Every advance simulation engagement largely differs in terms of time and work estimation. It is greatly dependent on the type of testing method being utilized, with non-privileged user access, LAN access scenario or no access such as black box testing as the primary testing approaches. All three testing methods are comprised of 3 vital stages.


1. Our consulting team conducts an interview with our client’s teams to be able to assess and identify the crown jewels of their IT department—the crown jewels that are crucial for the business to function efficiently.
2. The consulting team finalizes the most appropriate method of simulation based on the facts they have gathered. Non-privileged user mode is selected when this mode can be achieved by the attacker despite the complexity of the organization, while LAN access method is best fitted when the risk has already been observed and recognized. Otherwise, the last approach, the no access method, is chosen.


1. After in-depth research on the client’s overall set-up, the advance penetration testing team carries out the actual penetration tests in preparation for the Attack Simulation phase. Additionally, our team customizes spear phishing, Trojans, Exploits, TTP and the likes, with their goal centered on reaching and breaching the crown jewels.
2. Meanwhile, the testing team carries out their actual tests to be able to record all the data that act as evidence on the success of their team’s effort to breach and customize their client’s assets.


1. Exactly 5-6 days after the Attack Simulation phase, the advance penetration testing team prepares the report based on their observations and recordings.
2. Finally, a 60 to 90-minute report on the observations and recommendations is presented over the Webex in front of the client.

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