Simulation Services

In partnership with a well-respected company that offers research and security services for the last 3 decades, QOS Technology is geared towards uplifting the welfare of its clients by offering top-of-the-line DDOS and DRDOS (Distributed Redirection based Denial of Service Attacks) simulation services.

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Advance Attack
Simulation Services

QOS Technology in tandem with a 30 Years Experienced Security Services & Research Partner offers an Advance Attack Simulation Services. In last few years from the days of Stuxnet Attack, targeted & Advance Persistent Threats (APT) is one of the major concerns.

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Maintenance Services

QOS Technology is centered towards securing businesses that run with Check Point. Its preventive maintenance services runs by collecting and analyzing specific data for Check Point solution, making businesses safe and secured.

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Security Intelligence
Center Consulting

To further tighten security against dangerous threats, most businesses source out their own security operations center. Mostly configured with SIEM as SOC deployment’s primary focus, other integral components such as Process Framework and People are highly prioritized by QOS Technology to provide proficient services to clients.

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Assessment Services

In Einstein’s words, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the Universe.” With social engineering playing its role towards the disintegration of small and big businesses alike, QOS Technology recognizes the need to fully monitor businesses for attacks that could compromise even the tightest security measures. To battle against social engineering tactics such as phishing and water-holing, QOS utilizes a specialized tool that can counteract these malicious attacks. With tools that are specifically designed to provide you security measures tailored to your needs, QOS Technology ensures you a phishing-free environment.

Security Posture
Assessment Services

Designed specifically for consumers that already have critical or mission mode services but also have gateways towards Check Point solution, QOS Technology’s Configuration Assessment Services is centered towards assessing and analyzing Check Point Configuration to monitor the overall security posture of the consumer’s IT infrastructure.

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QOS Technology in collaboration with iTechSys is a proud Check Point ATC partner. Visit PurpleSynapz for more information on training.Learn More